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Deposit account

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Open a deposit account

To open a CIPO deposit account, fill out the deposit account form.

Send the form by email to CIPO's Finance and Administration Directorate.

Replenish a deposit account

You can add funds to your CIPO deposit account via debit card, cheque/money order or wire transfer using the Fee form.

You can also replenish your deposit account using your bank`s bill payment service.

Note: Postdated cheques are not accepted.

Online banking instructions

To transfer funds online from your Canadian bank to your CIPO deposit account, follow these steps:

  1. Visit My ISED Account to create an account, to retrieve a lost or forgotten user name or password or to update your ISED account.
  2. Contact CIPO Finance and Administration Directorate to link your ISED user name to your CIPO deposit account statement. Your request must include your name and/or firm's name, CIPO deposit account number and ISED user name.
  3. Log in to your online banking account and add CIPO as a recipient in the bill payment section. Please note CIPO might appear as Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Office de la propriété intellectuelle du Canada or a similar name.
  4. Use the 10-digit number available on your online statement.
  5. Transfer an amount of money.

Note: It can take from one to three business days for CIPO to receive the funds.

Close a deposit account

When requesting the closure of your CIPO deposit account, the request must be made on company letterhead to be accepted.

To close a deposit account, clients have the following options:

  1. Complete the Fee form and remit by fax, mail, in person or email to CIPO Accounts Receivable.
  2. Complete the close a deposit account form and remit by fax, mail, in person or email to CIPO Accounts Receivable.
  3. Send an email to CIPO Accounts Receivable.
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