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Guidelines for Candidates Requesting Accommodation to Write the Patent or Trademark Agent Examination

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Please contact us at to receive the medical form: Accommodation Request to write the patent or trademark agent examination.

These guidelines have been developed to facilitate a request for accommodation for candidates wishing to sit for the certification examination in order to practice independently as a registered Canadian patent or trademark agent.  All requests for accommodation must be clearly indicated, ideally, at the time of the application, but no later than the prescribed date in the notice given under provisions of subsection 21(2) of the Patent Rules or subsection 18(2) of the Trademark Regulations to allow for the Examination Coordinator to arrange for the accommodation if approved.  Requests that are made on very short notice may not be accommodated, for example, due to inadequate resources or the unavailability of persons with appropriate expertise. If accommodation is requested and the admission notice does not address the request, please contact as soon the admission notice is received.

Application Requirements

In order to consider an accommodation request, the following documentation must be provided:

  • The completed form - Accommodation Request to write the patent or trademark agent examination – Medical Form (To be completed by the candidate's practising physician and the candidate. All fields required.)
  • When applicable, written confirmation from the practising physician that accommodation is still required if there is no indication from a previous application that the condition is long-term and stable.

All requests for accommodation must be submitted separately  from the candidate's application to sit for the examination.  Accommodation requests must be submitted to the attention of the Examination Coordinator in writing (e.g. email or mail) by the established deadline to submit an application to sit for the exams.  All requests must be submitted using the contact details below.  Please submit your request using only one of the options below to avoid delayed processing of your request.  Misdirected, late or incomplete requests may not be considered. 


Mailing Address: Attn: Examination Coordinator, Patent Appeal Board, Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Place du Portage, Phase I, 50 Victoria Street, 4th Floor, Room 405-A, Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 0C9

The final decision regarding an accommodation request lies with the Chair of the Examining Board, in consultation with the Examination Coordinator.  Accommodation requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure equal opportunity for individuals to fully demonstrate their qualifications without compromising the integrity of the exams, or altering the nature or level of the qualification being assessed.  Submitting a request does not guarantee that a candidate will receive accommodation. 

The Examining Board reserves the right to designate the location and date/time of the examination as all accommodations may not be available at any given examination site and/or on any given examination date. 


Approved accommodation arrangements are only applicable to the current year the candidate is sitting for the examination.  A candidate must submit a new request for accommodation each year he or she applies to sit for the Patent or Trademark Agent Examination.    Depending on the type of accommodation requested, the applicant may want to submit an updated practising physician's statement as well.  In deciding whether to submit an updated statement from the practising physician, the applicant should consider that the determination of both whether to grant an accommodation and what accommodation(s) is appropriate is based on an assessment of the current impact of the applicant's disability on the testing activity.  For example, if the applicant's impairment is short-term or changes over time, it may not be possible to assess whether an accommodation should be granted if the practising physician's statement is not current.  For long-term and stable conditions, an updated statement may not be necessary. 

Privacy of Medical Information

All documentation submitted in support of a request for accommodation will be kept confidential, and will only be used for the purpose of evaluating a request for accommodation and/or implementing a granted accommodation for the candidate.

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