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Financing for your intellectual property

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Are you seeking financing for your intellectual property? These options are worth exploring!

Know your assets, establish your vision

Intellectual property (IP) is a valuable business asset that you can use to generate revenue through licensing, or as capital to negotiate partnerships. The first step in getting the most from it is identifying the types of IP you own, then building an IP strategy to support your business' success. When applying to obtain a patent, or to register a trademark, industrial design or copyright work, ask yourself the following questions:

Choose the right financing program for your IP

From administrative fees to hiring an IP professional, there are different costs associated with protecting your IP. The good news is that in addition to securing loans from traditional financial institutions, you can take advantage of the many resources the Government of Canada has to offer:

Start thinking about how you can incorporate intellectual property into your business today by consulting these IP business resources and tools!

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