CIPO is working towards becoming certified under ISO Standard 9001:2015

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) continues to implement measures that support business growth and innovation so that businesses can compete at home and abroad. Our Patent Branch is on course to become certified to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2017. This is yet another step forward in our commitment to creating a culture of excellence and meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

What is ISO?

ISO is the world's largest purveyor of internationally recognized standards for quality management systems. The standards help organizations increase productivity while minimizing errors and waste. The standards also serve to safeguard consumers and end-users of products and services, ensuring that certified products and services conform to the minimum standards set internationally.

Our Patent Standards and Services Division of the Patent Branch is spearheading the effort towards CIPO's ISO 9001:2015 designation. It has an effective Quality Management System (QMS) in place to assure that quality objectives are satisfied through the consistency, accuracy, timeliness and efficiency of their work. The QMS also identifies trends that provide opportunities for continual improvement in order to maximize stakeholder satisfaction.

Going forward, clients will be more confident in receiving a consistent user experience that provides quality patent products and services in an efficient and timely manner.

Why is CIPO pursuing ISO certification?

ISO certification of CIPO will bolster confidence that its products and services meet or exceed international standards, normalize the client experience and help clients better navigate and leverage the intellectual property system for their benefit. The ISO certification will contribute to creating certainty in the marketplace and stimulating innovation.

By getting ISO certified, CIPO will join the ranks of other important intellectual property offices and therefore will offer a similar approach in ensuring quality products and services.

Additional information

For more information about the ISO certification and the Quality Management System, please contact John Hurkmans, Program Manager - Quality.

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