Coming soon: modernized Canadian trademarks database

On April 5, we will release a modernized Canadian trademarks database, which will introduce a simplified search engine optimizing both accessibility and usability, while presenting a contemporary look and feel.

The enhancements will improve the database functionalities by offering:

Redesigned layout and navigation

The improved design will be easier to follow and more accessible. It will migrate to to maintain a cohesive and modern look.

Single search interface

The new trademark search will become a single search interface combining both basic and advanced search functionalities designed for your convenience.

Refined search capabilities

Various enhanced search capabilities such as additional search options and search results will be implemented to provide you with access to extensive trademark information. These advanced features are intended to assist you in finding your preferred results more successfully.

  1. Additional search options

    Office action dates

    You will have the opportunity to add or remove multiple action date ranges. The calendar icon is also available to help you accurately select specific dates.

    Vienna Classification

    You will likewise have the opportunity to add or remove multiple Vienna codes.

  2. Search results


    The search results can be displayed as list or grid format. There will be icons allowing you to alternate between list or grid view.

    • Figure 2 - Display Result Options
    • Click image to enlarge.

    Sort by

    The sort by feature will reorder the sequence of trademarks by ascending or descending order.


    If applicable, a representation of the associated trademark will be displayed.

    Number of entries shown

    You will have the option to customize the amount of entries shown per page depending on the selected view.

Separate bilingual search tab

The bilingual search feature presents the same fields as the current database, however these fields will move to a separate tab called "Find Translation".

Restructured trademark details

The trademark details section has been restructured in lieu of the existing trademark data page. The information will provide you with in-depth trademark data, as well as the option to save or print.

Stay tuned for the launch of the database next week.

Please direct any questions or comments you may have about the Canadian trademarks database to our Client Service Centre.

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