Additional guidance on Industrial Design Office practice changes

May 3, 2017

On January 16, 2017, CIPO announced six changes to its Industrial Design Office (the Office) practices with the objectives of improving service to clients, reducing administrative burden, and modernizing our practices to align with international norms. The changes were based largely on feedback from the Industrial Design Practice Committee (IDPC). After the January announcement, we reconvened with the IDPC to hear how the changes were being received and to seek additional input and feedback.

The Office is pleased to provide additional guidance on how we will apply the changes. Please note that as a courtesy to applicants, the Office will make every attempt to hold back from registration for a period of two months from May 2, 2017, for pending applications filed before January 16, 2017 that claim computer-generated animated designs or colour as a feature of a design. Within this two-month period, applicants may petition the Office in writing to have their pending applications re-examined according to the new practices or confirm their intent to proceed without delay.

Please also note that the practice notice: Colour as a registrable feature of an industrial design, has been updated in order to clarify requirements.

For more information, please contact us.

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