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Connecting Canada to the World: Intellectual Property Treaties

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

In a world where intellectual property (IP) plays an increasingly significant role in the global success of businesses, Canadian businesses and innovators expanding into international markets want easy and cost-effective ways to protect their IP in those markets.

But, it isn't always easy. IP regimes are domestic, and applying for IP rights in more than one country means facing a multitude of laws and procedures, forms in different languages, and fees in different currencies.

CIPO wants to help Canadian businesses take full advantage of the growth opportunities offered by foreign markets.  As such, it is essential for us to harmonize Canada's IP system with international standards and to work collaboratively with other IP offices to make the global IP system more transparent and effective.

We are then seeking feedback from interested businesses, individuals, groups and organizations, as part of our public consultations on the proposed regulatory amendments to the Industrial Design Regulations, the Trade-marks Regulations and the Patent Rules.

Consultations will occur from:

We have been advancing work to modernize Canada's IP framework by joining five international treaties administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO):

Joining these treaties will support Canadian businesses looking to enter or expand their presence in international markets by providing a faster, simpler, and more cost-effective way to acquire IP protection in multiple countries. Canada's membership in these treaties will also help create the conditions to attract foreign investment and facilitate international competitiveness and trade.

Completing the work that will allow Canada to join these treaties is an essential step toward harmonization with other IP jurisdictions. So far, we have amended the Patent Act, the Trade-marks Act and the Industrial Design Act to comply with the requirements of the treaties. Proposed changes to our user fees for patents and trademarks were recently approved by Parliament.

We are now in the process of amending our Rules and Regulations which will guide us on how the Acts will be applied, as well as making the necessary changes to our administrative systems and procedures.

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