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Closed for business dates

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Canadian Intellectual Property Office

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In case of an emergency, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) will attempt to remain open for business and ensure that essential service to our clients continues with the least possible disruption or delay.

Whenever CIPO is closed for business, including closures due to extraordinary circumstances, CIPO considers all time limits to be extended until the next day that it is open for business. In such situations, mail delivered to CIPO or to the designated regional offices will be considered to be received on the date that CIPO reopens for business, with the exception of correspondence addressed to the Registrar of Topographies.

There may also be instances in which the designated regional offices may be temporarily closed, yet CIPO remains open for business. In such situations, it remains the responsibility of CIPO's clients to ensure that all deadlines are respected.

Planned business closure

For the purposes of subsection 78(1) of the Patent Act and subsection 66(2) of the Trade-marks Act, CIPO's offices are closed for business on the following days:

Reason Date
Every Saturday and Sunday Weekend
New Year's Day January 1
Good Friday Two days before Easter
Easter Monday Day after Easter
Victoria Day Last Monday preceding May 25
Fête nationale du Québec June 24
Canada Day July 1
Labour Day First Monday in September
Thanksgiving Day Second Monday in October
Remembrance Day November 11
Christmas Day December 25
Boxing Day December 26

Holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday

The offices will be closed on the following Mondays.

When December 26 falls on a Saturday

CIPO's offices will be closed on the following Monday.

When December 26 falls on a Sunday or Monday

The offices will be closed on the following Tuesday.

Unscheduled business closure dates

From 2017 onward, a record of dates where CIPO was unexpectedly closed for business will be kept online. For information regarding a previous business closure, please contact the Client Service Centre.

Closure date Reason
May 8–9 Flooding in the National Capital Region

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