Updates to the PCT Applicant’s Guide – National Phase – National Chapter

On January 23, 2018, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office's (CIPO) National Chapter of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Applicant's Guide (PDF: 688 KB; 10 pages) was updated.

The PCT Applicant's Guide is a guide for applicants, agents and the public looking for information about the PCT requirements and procedures during both the international and national phases of the PCT.

The updated version specifies that when an applicant wishes to enter national phase in Canada prior to the publication of the corresponding international application, a copy of the international application, including the request (form PCT/RO/101), as well as a translation of these documents if they are not in English or French, are required at the time of entry into the national phase (Article 22 or 39(1)). This may be the case when the applicant expressly requests an earlier start of the national phase under PCT Article 23(2).

For more information, visit the World Intellectual Property Organization PCT Applicant's Guide web page (PDF: 578 KB; 52 pages) or contact CIPO's Program Manager – International (PCT-PPH).

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