Standard character trademarks

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Publication Date: June 17, 2019

This notice is intended to clarify the practice of the Trademarks Office with respect to applying the provisions of section 31 of the Trademarks Act (the "Act") for standard character trademarks.

A standard character trademark contains a combination of prescribed letters, numbers and symbols without any claim to a particular font, size or colour.

The Office has created a standard character set that lists the letters, numerals, punctuation marks, diacritics and typographical symbols that may be used when filing a standard character trademark. The standard character set is reproduced below.

An application for a standard character trademark must include:

If an applicant requests registration of a trademark that appears to be in standard characters but (i) does not include or reference a standard character statement, or (ii) contains characters not in the standard character set, the trademark will be treated as a non-standard character trademark. In such cases, the trademark will be scanned and represented as filed.

Pursuant to paragraph 35(2)(e) of the Trademarks Regulations, an application cannot be amended to add or remove a statement in paragraph 31(b) of the Act, namely that the trademark consists of standard characters, unless the application has not been advertised and the trademark remains substantially the same.

Under the transitional provisions of the amended Regulations, an application filed before, but not yet advertised on June 17, 2019 may be amended at any time prior to registration to add a statement that the applicant wishes the trademark to be registered in standard characters, but only if the trademark remains substantially the same.

Standard Characters

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