All eyes on the Patent Law Treaty — February 2019

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February 2019

This monthly update aims to provide you with the latest news on the implementation of the new Patent Rules leading to the accession to the Patent Law Treaty with the goal of helping you prepare for upcoming changes.

Progress continues in our efforts to modernize the Patent Rules. Following the first round of public consultations held in the summer of 2017, the proposed Patent Rules were published in the Canada Gazette, Part I in December 2018. Comments received during this period were reviewed and the regulatory work is still underway in collaboration with the Department of Justice. Publication of the final Rules in the Canada Gazette, Part II is anticipated by summer 2019. Watch for a consultation this winter on some modified topics of the Manual of Patent Office Practice resulting from the new Patent Act and the proposed Patent Rules.

Theme of the month: Request for priority

The requirements for a request for priority for a patent application will change significantly:

Did you know?

In 1474, in Venice, a law was passed stating, for the first time, the basic principles of patent law, which were that an invention must be new, inventive and usable.

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