List of Trademark Agents

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Amendment date: June 17, 2019

This practice notice provides guidance on adding firms to the list of trademark agents that is kept under section 28 of the Trademarks Act.

Section 28 of the Trademarks Act provides that the list of trademark agents shall include the names of all persons and firms entitled to represent applicants and others, including the registered owner of a trademark and parties to the proceedings under sections 38 and 45, in all business before the Office of the Registrar of Trademarks. Paragraph 19(c) of the Trademarks Regulations stipulates that the Registrar shall, on written request and payment of the fee set out in item 3 of the schedule, enter on the list of trademark agents the name of each firm with at least one member who has their name entered on the list as a trademark agent.

Trademark legislation provides that firms may act as agents before the Office as long as the name of one of their members is entered on the list of agents. The Office considers that a firm may be entered on the list of trademark agents, and is entitled to act as agent before the Office, regardless of the firm's underlying corporate or business structure.

Therefore, the Office will enter the name of any firm, including partnerships, limited partnerships and professional corporations, that otherwise meet the requirements set out in the trademark legislation.

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