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Improvements to CIPO patent search tools and databases

Quicker access to improved patent information now available from public search tools!

We are pleased to offer clients access to higher quality information from the Canadian Patents Database, as well as faster search results from the Decisions of the Commissioner of Patents database.

These changes are in direct response to client feedback, and are made possible by a new search engine platform. Updates to the patents search databases are the beginning of more improvements to come in our digital service delivery, as part of our commitment to service excellence.

What does this mean for innovators and intellectual property professionals?

You now have more search options when searching in the Canadian Patents Database, allowing you to obtain more complete information on patents. On the patent summary pages you can now:

From the Canadian Patents Database's "Advanced Search" page you can now:

After consulting the help guides available, please contact our Client Service Centre if you have any further questions about searching in the Decisions of the Commissioner of Patents or the Canadian Patent Database.

Your feedback continues to be integral to our digital service improvements, so please use the Provide feedback link found at the bottom of each of the patents databases search pages.

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