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Notification of Third Party Rights – Form

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

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Section 1 – Relevant Application Details

Name of applicant:

Application number:

Section 2 - Identification of third party

(All fields are mandatory unless otherwise indicated)

Title (optional):

First name:

Last name :

Name of Trademark Agent (if applicable) :

Company name (if applicable) (optional):

Street address :


Province or Territory:

Country, if outside Canada:

Postal Code or ZIP Code:

Telephone number:

Section 3

A – Grounds for notification of third party rights

Please select the appropriate ground(s) related to the notification of third party rights:

B – List of relevant registrations or pending applications

Please list any relevant registrations or pending applications, (including the registration or application numbers) if they are applicable to the notification of third party rights.

Section 4 – Acknowledgement

I understand that submitting a notification of third party rights does NOT

  1. Create an obligation on the Registrar or an examiner to consider this notification;
  2. Create an inter partes proceeding between the applicant and the third party
  3. Replace opposition proceedings.
  4. Stay or extend the time for filing a notice of opposition
  5. Extend the deadline for responding to an examiner's report.

Completing and Submitting the Form

In order for your notification of third party rights to be processed, please send this completed form by mail or fax, addressed to the Deputy Director of Examination.

You can send correspondence to the following address:

Notice of third party rights
c/o Deputy Director, Examination Division
Trademarks Office
Canadian Intellectual Property Office
50 Victoria Street
Gatineau, QC K1A 0C9

By fax: 

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