New online resources for Canadian businesses available in IP Academy

As part of its intellectual property (IP) foundations series, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) launched two new online resources in its IP Academy this month. The IP strategy assessment tool and the first IP e-Learning module aim to help Canadian businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators gain knowledge about IP and better understand the value of IP for their business.

IP strategy assessment tool

This new interactive online assessment tool helps Canadian businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators better understand and incorporate IP as part of their business strategy. After answering a few simple questions, users get access to a tailored guide that outlines what to consider when developing their IP strategy in order to help them extract the value from their IP assets, protect their business from competitors, gain a competitive advantage, or take their business abroad.

IP e-Learning modules

Discover a new and engaging way to learn about various IP topics with our interactive e-learning module. The Discover intellectual property module is the first module in the IP foundations series, and introduces learners to the fundamentals of IP. Other modules coming soon will cover the following topics: patents, industrial designs, trademarks and copyright.

Visit CIPO's IP Academy and try out these two new resources!

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