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COVID-19: Service update (2020-03-17)

Due to the effects of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to notify that our operations may be affected. Our data dissemination services will continue for the time being, but may experience delays.

More information to come.

We've updated IP Horizons! (2020-02-24)

The following changes will make it easier for you to download IP data on our website:

Coming soon: Instructions on Automated File Transfer (2019-09-11)

The automated file transfer guide contains simplified instructions on how to automate the file download process. By using WinSCP and some basic scripting, clients will be able to automatically pull new data files as soon as they become available. This is done by allowing clients to connect to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office's (CIPO's) SFTP server. The guide describes how to script the connection and outlines the download capabilities of the server.


The Canadian Patent Office Record (2019-02-08)

***Erratum on patent data are published every week when applicable***

Regularly consult the Canadian Patent Office Record for important notices.


Error: trademark application 1000184-04 (2020-03-19)

Application 1000184-04 was mistakenly included in our weekly trademarks file that was published on January 14 (WEEKLY_2020-01-14_00-04-35.zip). It has since been deleted from our records.

We encourage you to remove this application from your files.

Adherence to the Madrid Protocol, the Singapore Treaty and the Nice Agreement (2019-01-24)

Read more about trademark adherence

Industrial designs

Postponed: industrial design historical files refresh release (2020-03-19)

Due to the impacts of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), CIPO will postpone the release of industrial design historical data that was originally scheduled for release on . We will notify you on the new date for release in the coming weeks as more information becomes available. We apologize for the inconvenience this disruption may have caused.

Status update for industrial design data (2019-02-01)

Read more about industrial design status

With the adherence to the Hague Agreement, CIPO adopted the term "expired" for what was previously known as the status "public domain" in the Canadian industrial designs database. The same change of term is required in the bulk industrial design xml collection. All instances of the status "public domain" in the historical collection and the weekly updates will be changed to "expired" on March 15, 2019.

We ask that all clients replace the term "public domain" with the term "expired" in their own database. By making this change by March 15, 2019, you will ensure ongoing alignment with industrial design updates.

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