World Intellectual Property Day 2020

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

World Intellectual Property Day is a global celebration led by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Every year on April 26, we celebrate the role that IP rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity.

The year's theme is "Innovate for a Green Future." CIPO will be highlighting clean-tech initiatives and all the pioneering innovators who are working to shape a green future.


Clean technology and intellectual property

Clean tech factsheet

Find out how your clean technology IP can benefit your business.

Expedite your clean tech patent application

Learn how you can expedite your patent application process.

Webinar: Clean-tech and IP

Gain insights into the IP landscape of the clean-tech sector.

Patented inventions in climate change mitigation technologies

See patenting activity by Canadian researchers and businesses in climate change mitigation technologies.

Help for clean technology projects

Access networks, experts and federal programs.


Check out the online platform that connects providers and seekers of clean technologies.

Stories of IP

Nano One

Pioneering processes to manufacture inexpensive, high-performance lithium-ion battery cathode materials

Morgan Solar

Design matters in the solar energy business


Leading the concrete industry to a low-carbon future

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