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Introducing the new Patent Examination Team

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

As we all know, assessing the utility of a patent application is an important step in the examination process to determine if a patent should be granted. This is why CIPO employs highly trained scientists and engineers who are skilled in the art. But what happens when the expertise goes on 4 legs instead of 2?

CIPO is proud to announce that we have partnered with local breeders and dog walkers to offer our new Patent Examination Team (PET). Under this program, our examiners/handlers will quickly observe their 4-legged coworkers as they assess the utility of new applications in Brushes/Combs (A01K 13/00), Dog Toys (A01K 15/02), Dog Beds (A01K 1/035), and of course Pet Toilets (A01K 1/01). These good puppers are specifically trained to determine utility via a 4-step (paw!) approach and to bark to inform their handlers of those applications which meet our standards. All this will take place in our new 30,000 sq ft office/kennel in Dog River, Saskatchewan.

We hope you will join us in wishing our furry friends the very best in their important work! We are considering expanding the program to cats, but we are having difficultly with formal training.

April Fool’s!

Check out our new recruits !


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