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Archived — Working Papers

The Working Papers series is part of Industry Canada's Research Publications Program. This series of working papers demonstrate leading-edge, micro-economic analysis that generally approaches public policy issues from an applied, empirically based perspective.

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Working Papers:

No. 40: International Trade, Interprovincial Trade, and Canadian Provincial Growth, by Serge Coulombe, University of Ottawa, December 2003

No. 39: Competition Perceptions and Innovation Activities: An Empirical Study of Canadian Manufacturing Firms, by Jianmin Tang, Industry Canada, December 2003

No. 38: The Link between Innovation and Productivity in Canadian Manufacturing Industries, by Wulong Gu, Statistics Canada, and Jianmin Tang, Industry Canada, November 2003

No. 37: National Political Infrastructure and Foreign Direct Investment, by Steven Globerman, Western Washington University and Daniel Shapiro, Simon Fraser University, December 2002

No. 36: Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Capital Formation, by Walid Hejazi and Peter Pauly, University of Toronto, April 2002

No. 34: Sectoral Impacts of Kyoto Compliance, by Randall Wigle, Wilfrid Laurier University, March 2001

No. 33: R&D Propensity and Productivity Performance of Foreign-Controlled Firms in Canada, by Jianmin Tang and Someshwar Rao, Industry Canada, March 2001

No. 32: The Canada-U.S. Productivity Growth Paradox, by Serge Coulombe, University of Ottawa, 2000

No. 31: Are Canadian-Controlled Manufacturing Firms Less Productive than their Foreign-Controlled Counterparts?, by Someshwar Rao and Jianmin Tang, Industry Canada, 2000

No. 30: Foreign Direct Investment and Productivity Growth: The Canadian Host-Country Experience, by Surendra Gera, Wulong Gu and Frank C. Lee, Industry Canada, 1999

No. 29: The Productivity Gap between Canadian and U.S. Firms, by Frank C. Lee and Jianmin Tang, Industry Canada, April 1999

No. 28: Technology and the Demand for Skills: An Industry-Level Analysis, by Surendra Gera and Wulong Gu, Industry Canada, and Zhengxi Lin, Statistics Canada, 1999

No. 27: Recent Jumps in Patenting Activities: Comparative Innovative Performance of Major Industrial Countries, Patterns and Explanations, by Mohammed Rafiquzzaman and Lori Whewell, Industry Canada, 1998

No. 26: Intrafirm Trade of Canadian-based Foreign Transnational Companies, by Richard A. Cameron, Industry Canada, 1998

No. 25: A Structuralist Assessment of Technology Policies - Taking Schumpeter Seriously on Policy, by Richard G. Lipsey and Kenneth Carlaw, Simon Fraser University, under contract with Industry Canada, 1998

No. 24: Canadian Government Policies Toward Inward Foreign Direct Investment, by Steven Globerman, Simon Fraser University and Western Washington University, and Daniel Shapiro, Simon Fraser University, 1998

No. 23: Restructuring in Canadian Industries: A Micro Analysis, by Sunder Magun, Applied International Economics, 1998

No. 21: Capital-Embodied Technical Change and the Productivity Growth Slowdown in Canada, by Surendra Gera, Wulong Gu and Frank C. Lee, Industry Canada, 1998

No. 20: Information Technology and Labour Productivity Growth: An Empirical Analysis for Canada and the United States, by Surendra Gera, Wulong Gu and Frank C. Lee, Industry Canada, 1998

No. 19: Inter-Industry and U.S. R&D Spillovers, Canadian Industrial Production and Productivity Growth, by Jeffrey I. Bernstein, Carleton University and National Bureau of Economic Research, 1998

No. 18: Regional Disparities in Canada: Characterization, Trends and Lessons for Economic Policy, by Serge Coulombe, Department of Economics, University of Ottawa, 1997

No. 17: Impact of China's Trade and Foreign Investment Reforms on the World Economy, by Winnie Lam, Industry Canada, 1997

No. 16: Business Strategies of SMEs and Large Firms in Canada, by Gilles McDougall and David Swimmer, Industry Canada, 1997

No. 15: The Knowledge-Based Economy: Shifts in Industrial Output, by Surendra Gera, Industry Canada and Kurt Mang, Department of Finance, January 1997

No. 14: Employment Performance in the Knowledge-Based Economy, by Surendra Gera, Industry Canada, and Philippe Massé, Human Resources Development Canada, December 1996

No. 13: The Development of Strategic Alliances in Canadian Industries: A Micro Analysis, by Sunder Magun, Applied International Economics, October 1996

No. 12: Implications of Technology and Imports on Employment and Wages in Canada, by Frank C. Lee, Industry Canada, July 1996

No. 11: Long-Run Perspective on Canadian Regional Convergence, by Serge Coulombe, Department of Economics, University of Ottawa, and Frank C. Lee, Industry Canada, May 1996

No. 10: R&D and Productivity Growth in Canadian Communications Equipment and Manufacturing, by Jeffrey I. Bernstein, Carleton University and The National Bureau of Economic Research, June 1996

No. 9: World Mandate Strategies for Canadian Subsidiaries, by Julian Birkinshaw, Institute of International Business, Stockholm School of Economics, March 1996

No. 8: Foreign Direct Investment and APEC Economic Integration, by Ashfaq Ahmad, P. Someshwar Rao and Colleen Barnes, Industry Canada, February 1996

No. 7: Governance Structure, Corporate Decision-Making and Firm Performance in North America, by P. Someshwar Rao and Clifton R. Lee-Sing, Industry Canada, March 1996

No. 6: Measuring the Compliance Cost of Tax Expenditures: The Case of Research and Development Incentives, by Sally Gunz, University of Waterloo, Alan Macnaughton, University of Waterloo, and Karen Wensley, Ernst & Young, Toronto, January 1996

No. 5: Steppin' Out: An Analysis of Recent University Graduates into the Labour Market, Prepared by Ross Finnie, School of Public Administration, Carleton University and Statistics Canada, May 1995

No. 4: The Economic Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Corporations, Prepared by Gilles McDougall, Industry Canada, February 1995

No. 3: International R&D Spillovers Between Industries in Canada and the United States, Prepared by Jeffrey I. Bernstein, Carleton University and the National Bureau of Economic Research, under contract to Industry Canada, September 1994

No. 2: Canadian-Based Multinationals: An Analysis of Activities and Performance, Prepared by Industry Canada Micro-Economic Policy Analysis staff, including Someshwar Rao, Marc Legault and Ashfaq Ahmad, July 1994

No. 1: Economic Integration in North America: Trends in Foreign Direct Investment and the Top 1000 Firms, by Industry Canada Micro-Economic Policy Analysis staff, including John Knubley, Marc Legault and Someshwar Rao, January 1994

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