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Archived — Discussion Papers

The Discussion Papers series is part of Industry Canada's Research Publications Program. This series of papers contains policy synthesis and general policy papers focusing on approaches to strategic micro-economic public-policy issues.

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Discussion Papers:

No. 14: Making Canada the Destination of Choice for Internationally Mobile Resources, by Keith Head and John Ries University of British Columbia, January 2004

No. 13: Services in the New Economy: Research Issues, by Brian R. Copeland, University of British Columbia, October 2003

No. 12: The Irish Economic Boom: Facts, Causes and Lessons, by Pierre Fortin, Université du Québec à Montréal and Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, May 2002

No. 11: Social policy and productivity growth: what are the linkages?, by Richard G. Harris, Simon Fraser University, May 2002

No. 10: North American Economic Integration: Issues and Research Agenda, by Richard G. Harris, Simon Fraser University, April 2001

No. 9: Is Canada Missing the "Technology Boat"? Evidence from Patent Data, by Manuel Trajtenberg, Tel-Aviv University, National Bureau of Economic Research and Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, January 2000

No. 8: Determinants of Canadian Productivity Growth: Issues and Prospects, by Richard G. Harris, Simon Fraser University and Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, December 1999

No. 7: Implications of Foreign Ownership Restrictions for the Canadian Economy – A Sectoral Analysis, by Steven Globerman, Western Washington University, April 1999

No. 6: International Market Contestability and the New Issues at the World Trade Organization, by Edward M. Graham, Institute for International Economics, Washington (DC), February 1998

No. 5: Industry Canada's Foreign Investment Research: Messages and Policy Implications, by Ronald Hirshhorn, October 1997

No. 4: Foreign Direct Investment and Market Framework Policies: Reducing Frictions in APEC Policies on Competition and Intellectual Property, by Ronald Hirshhorn, October 1996

No. 3: Canadian Corporate Governance Policy Options, by Ronald J. Daniels, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto and Randall Morck, Faculty of Business, University of Alberta, March 1996

No. 2: Technological Change and International Economic Institutions, by Sylvia Ostry, Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto, December 1995

No. 1: Multinationals as Agents of Change: Setting A New Canadian Policy on Foreign Direct Investment, by Lorraine Eden, Carleton University, November 1994

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