Through the Department of Industry Act, the Radiocommunication Act, the Telecommunications Act and the Broadcasting Act, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is the federal department responsible for spectrum management in Canada and for fostering a robust and reliable telecommunications system to safeguard, enrich and strengthen the social and economic fabric of Canada. The Emergency Management Act gives emergency management responsibilities to each government minister. Ministers are to identify the risks that are within or related to their area of responsibility including those related to critical infrastructure and do the following:

  • prepare emergency management plans in respect of those risks;
  • maintain, test and implement those plans; and
  • conduct exercises and training in relation to those plans.

These and other Acts of Parliament can be found on the Department of Justice website.

Under Public Safety Canada's Federal Emergency Response Plan, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is responsible for Emergency Support Function #2 - Telecommunications. Our support role encompasses:

  • Coordination with the telecommunications industry;
  • Restoration and expansion of telecommunications infrastructure and services;
  • Safeguarding and restoration of national telecommunications-related cyber and information technology resources; and
  • Coordination of federal actions to provide the required temporary emergency telecommunications and restoration of the affected telecommunications infrastructure.
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