Archived — Annual Report 2013–14


Interpretive Notes

  • All references to the 2013–14 fiscal year in data, tables, charts and explanations mean from , to .
  • Acquisitions are recorded by the asset value of the Canadian business to be acquired, based on its most recent audited financial statements, not by the purchase price. The value of a new business proposal is recorded on the basis of the planned amount of investment over the first two years.
  • The actual number and value of acquisitions and new business starts by international investors may not be wholly reflected for the following reasons:
    • From time to time, two or more investors may submit applications for review to acquire the same Canadian business. In such cases, each proposal is recorded as a separate transaction.
    • In June 1999, responsibility under the Act for investments related to cultural activities listed in Schedule IV of the Investment Canada Regulations was transferred to Canadian Heritage. Accordingly, our statistics since that time do not include foreign investments in Canadian businesses engaged strictly in activities listed in Schedule IV.
    • Most notifications and applications are submitted to Industry Canada at the proposal stage and processed promptly under the terms of the ICA. However, for commercial or other reasons, the investor may subsequently choose not to implement the investment or to implement it at a later time.

Data Comparison with Other Statistical Sources

The principal purpose of the ICA is the regulation of investment activity by foreign investors. Industry Canada data on the value of foreign investments for a given period therefore reflect operations under the ICA. Only data on new business proposals and acquisitions of control by foreign investors are collected. The value of "planned investment" is tabulated from new business notifications and the book value of "assets acquired" from transactions requiring notification or review. Aggregated figures are published quarterly.

Industry Canada data cannot be compared with either the foreign direct investment flows or stock figures published by Statistics Canada because the data represent a portion of the value of foreign investment in Canada. For example, the value of major plant expansions by established foreign investors in Canada is not captured.

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