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Canadian Fuel Cell Commercialization Roadmap

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Canadian Fuel Cell Commercialization Roadmap

The Canadian Fuel Cell Commercialization Roadmap is an industry-led planning process supported by Industry Canada. Its objective is to accelerate full-scale commercialization by Canadian fuel cell companies.

This Roadmap has been developed through the participation, input and assistance of many leaders in industry, government and academia. It represents a critical step in identifying the commercialization challenges, and in selecting the strategies and actions that will allow Canadian stakeholders to successfully meet these challenges.

The Roadmap reinforces the need for collaboration among government, industry and academia if Canada is to retain its leading position and realize the many economic, social and environmental benefits that fuel cell technology can provide for the country.

Date: 2003
Format: PDF
Catalogue number: C1-10/2003E
ISBN: 0-662-33769-7

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