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Archived — Key Small Business Statistics—July 2006

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Key Small Business Statistics—July 2006

Key Small Business Statistics is a semi-annual publication that provides information on the most frequently asked questions pertaining to small businesses in Canada. It was launched in 2001 in response to demands for more information on small businesses and contains information on the number of small businesses in Canada; the number of employees that work for small businesses; the number of self-employed persons; the number of firms that enter and exit the economy. This seventh edition adds new data on business survival rates and updates most sections including: the innovation levels of small businesses relative to large businesses; the job creation performance of small businesses; and, the number of self-employed workers in Canada.

Date: 2006
Format: PDF
Registration number: 60011
Catalogue number: Iu186-1/7-2006E
ISBN: ISSN 1718-3456

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