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Archived — Working Paper Number 34, Sectoral Impacts of Kyoto Compliance, March 2001

Strategic Policy Sector

Economic Research and Policy Analysis Branch

Working Paper Number 34, Sectoral Impacts of Kyoto Compliance, March 2001

This paper looks at what effect reducing carbon emissions, as required by the Kyoto Protocol, are likely to have on the Canadian economy. It examines which sectors of the economy are most likely to be affected by implementing the Kyoto Protocol emissions restrictions, depending on how the marketplace for carbon emissions is structured. It also estimates the permit price and what the economic costs are likely to be for different possible implementation schemes. The author examines how changing the range of industries required to restrict their carbon emissions will effect the performance of different industrial sectors. He also considers the implications of national and international permit trading.

Date: 2001
Format: PDF
Catalogue number: C21-24/34-2001
ISBN: 0-662-65581-8

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