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Archived — Final Evaluation of the Language Industry Initiative (LII)

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Final Evaluation of the Language Industry Initiative (LII)

The key activities of the LII were divided into two components: 1) building a Canadian language industry network, in the form of support for the Language Industry Association (AILIA); and 2) marketing and positioning, which included a contribution program for language industry companies and research and branding activities carried out by the Department.

This final evaluation of the LII covers the period from 2003 to 2007. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the results and effectiveness of the Initiative. The evaluation included four lines of evidence: in-depth interviews, a documentation review, case studies and a survey of AILIA members as well as companies that had received contributions under the Language Industry Program (LIP).

Date: 2008
Format: HTML, PDF
Catalogue number: Iu4-138/2008E-PDF
ISBN: 978-1-100-10136-1

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