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Merger Review Performance Report—April 2012

Competition Bureau Canada

Merger Review Performance Report—April 2012

This Merger Review Performance Report (the "Report") provides an update on the performance of the Bureau's Mergers Branch since the last report published in May 2010 (the "2010 Report"). The Report will be discussed during the Merger Fee Forum in Toronto on April 13, 2012. Since the 2010 Report, the Mergers Branch has published a large number of new and revised publications as part of an ongoing initiative to realign its processes, and to develop and revise its guidance documents to ensure the successful implementation of the 2009 amendments to the merger provisions of the Act and the Notifiable Transactions Regulations (the "Regulations") (collectively, the "Amendments"). These publications, which are outlined below, provide stakeholders with improved transparency and predictability regarding the merger review process.

Date: 2012
Format: HTML, PDF
Catalogue number: Iu54-30/2012E-PDF
ISBN: 978-1-100-20574-8

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