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Price Maintenance (Section 76 of the Competition Act)

Competition Bureau Canada

Price Maintenance (Section 76 of the Competition Act)

The Enforcement Guidelines—Price Maintenance (Section 76 of the Competition Act) (the "Guidelines") describe the Bureau’s general approach to enforcing section 76 of the Act, including with respect to common business practices such as minimum resale pricing, manufacturer-suggested resale pricing ("MSRP") and minimum advertised pricing ("MAP"). Issuance of these Guidelines supports the Bureau's Action Plan on Transparency, which aims to promote the development of a more cost-effective, efficient and responsive agency, while providing Canadians with more opportunities to learn about the Bureau’s work.

Date: 2014
Format: HTML, PDF
Catalogue number: Iu54-46/1-2014E-PDF
ISBN: 978-1-100-24920-9

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