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Determinants of Entrepreneurship in Canada: State of Knowledge—October 2014

Small Business, Tourism and Marketplace Services

Determinants of Entrepreneurship in Canada: State of Knowledge—October 2014

This web-based resource applies the OECD Indicators of Entrepreneurial Determinants to the Canadian context; putting in one place information on factors that impact Canadian SMEs. It is designed as a guide for anyone interested in the state of entrepreneurship in Canada, including business professionals, policy makers, economists, and academics. In addition, for each of the indicators, it identifies policy areas where the Government of Canada is moving forward in fostering entrepreneurship and how it is responding to the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Our goal is to keep this resource up-to-date as conditions evolve in each of the areas.

Date: 2014
Format: HTML, PDF
Catalogue number: Iu00/00-2014E
ISSN: 2292-6712

Available online only.

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