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Evaluation of Industry Canada’s Contribution to CANARIE

Audit and Evaluation Branch

Evaluation of Industry Canada's Contribution to CANARIE

Canada's Advanced Research and Innovation Network (CANARIE) is a not-for-profit corporation that provides research and education communities in Canada with a high-speed network to transmit data which supports Canadian-based research, discovery and innovation. It is supported by membership fees, with the major investment provided by the Government of Canada. It was created to ensure Canadians could engage in leading-edge research that requires more capability and more capacity than the commercial Internet. In addition to the network, CANARIE also manages a Research Middleware funding program and provides funding to the research community. This funding helps develop research platforms and components that accelerate discovery, reduce duplication in software development and enables broad use of digital infrastructure, including the advanced computing infrastructure hosted by Compute Canada.

Date: 2015
Format: Electronic
Catalogue number: Iu4-163/2015-E-PDF
ISBN: 978-0-660-00294-9

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