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Fraud Facts—Recognize, Reject, Report Fraud

Competition Bureau Canada

Fraud Facts—Recognize, Reject, Report Fraud

Each year, as part of Fraud Prevention Month, the Competition Bureau works with partners like the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) and the RCMP. Together, they educate and encourage Canadians to learn about the signs of fraud, protect themselves from scammers, and report suspicious activity to law enforcement agencies. To learn more about the impact of fraud on the marketplace, this Fraud Facts provides a snapshot of the different types of scams currently affecting Canadians and how to fight back. An informed consumer is a smart consumer and that is exactly what fraudsters don't want!

Date: 2018
Format: Electronic
Catalogue Number: Iu54-61/2018E-PDF
ISBN: 978-0-660-24875-2

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