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Find out!

Consider the benefits of protecting your brands and innovations.

You can also:

What do you want to protect?

Figure out what type of IP you have:

Protect your IP

Decide if you need an agent, or if you can do it yourself

Hiring an agent is not mandatory, but is recommended when applying for patents, trademarks and industrial designs because these applications can be complex.

Choose your approach:

Do it yourself
  1. Start with a records search, to see if your idea has already been created:

    To research Integrated Circuit Topography, contact a service representative

  2. Get prepared: Read the applicable guide for step-by-step instructions:
  3. Protect your IP:
Get professional help

Consult our lists of accredited professionals:

  • Beware of unregistered patent or trademark agents.
  • Agent fees are not regulated. Agree on fees with your agent before beginning.
  • if you want IP protection in other countries, you have to file these applications separately.

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