Insurance checklist

Insurance for your move

A combination of your own household insurance and the mover's insurance may cover you should there be damage to, or loss of, your belongings. It is important to fully understand your coverage. Generally, your household insurance will cover you for catastrophic loss. If you purchase the mover's replacement value protection it will cover your goods for loss or damage. Otherwise, your default protection is rated at $0.60 per pound per item. For example if a 10 lb. chair is broken, you will receive $6 for its value.

Under transportation law, the mover is not responsible for carrying goods of extraordinary value, such as works of art, unless that value has been declared. Some items have what is called "inherent vice" which means that they are intended to be assembled and left in one place for their useful life (e.g., some fibreboard furniture). Movers will legitimately ask for a waiver of liability when they see this type of fragile item in your inventory.

You can also print out this checklist of insurance issues to consider for a quick reference.

PDF version

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