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The Ventilators for Canadians consortium and the Government of Canada fight COVID-19

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

A consortium is producing ventilators for front-line workers.

Transcription – The Ventilators for Canadians consortium and the Government of Canada fight COVID-19

[Music starts]

[Clips of a business door sign being flipped from “open” to “closed,” people sanitizing common objects and shared spaces, people wearing face masks while working, health care workers working using ventilators, ventilators being manufactured]

[Text on screen:

Voiceover: We were all asked to do our part in the fight against COVID-19.

For some of us, that means staying home, while for others, it means continuing to deliver essential services.

[Text on screen: #CDNBUSINESS]

Voiceover: Industry answered the call. More than 6,000 Canadian businesses stepped up to the plate.

[Ventilators for Canadians logo]

When Canada needed to ensure supply in the midst of global competition for ventilators, the Ventilators for Canadians consortium raised its hand to help. Ventilators for Canadians involves four successful and experienced Canadian entrepreneurs from the industrial manufacturing, technology and engineering sectors.

[Text on screen: 10,000 ventilators for Canada’s front-line health care workers.]

ISED worked with the Ventilators for Canadians consortium and its member company, FTI Professional Grade Inc., to help produce 10,000 ventilators, which are being manufactured under a permissive licence from Medtronic LCC.

Ventilators for Canadians in turn partnered with Baylis Medical, a world-class, leading-edge medical device manufacturer. The combined consortium worked together through each step of the process – from contracting to Health Canada authorization to the start of production.

[Text on screen: The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry]

Minister Bains: The first batch of these made-in-Canada v4c 560 ventilators will be delivered in the coming weeks! These folks came together to identify a solution to the ventilator shortage facing Canada’s health care system – now that’s teamwork! Canada, we’re in this together and we’re stronger together!

[Text on screen:

[ISED signature]

[Canada wordmark]

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