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Irving Oil and the Government of Canada fight COVID-19

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

This energy company stepped forward to make hand sanitizer for front-line workers and businesses.

Transcription – Irving Oil and the Government of Canada fight COVID-19

[Music starts]

[Clips of a business door sign being flipped from “open” to “closed,” people sanitizing common objects and shared spaces, people wearing face masks while working, people using hand sanitizer, sanitizer being produced]

[Text on screen:

Voiceover: We were all asked to do our part in the fight against COVID-19.

For some of us, that means staying home, while for others, it means continuing to deliver essential services.

[Text on screen: #CDNBUSINESS]

Voiceover: Industry answered the call: More than 6,000 Canadian businesses stepped up to the plate.

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that the availability of the supplies we needed to fight this disease and keep people safe were at an all-time low.

[Text on screen: #MADEINCANADA]

Voiceover: Our front-line health care workers, who were putting themselves at risk to care for others, needed more sanitizer to help keep themselves and the rest of us safe.

[Text on screen:

Voiceover: Irving Oil was one of the many Canadian companies to step forward to fill the gap. From blenders to lab technicians to those retooling production lines, Irving employees in Saint John, New Brunswick, worked together to produce the hand sanitizer needed by our front-line workers in Canada.


Voiceover: Irving Oil donated the first batch of bottles from the production line to hospitals, food banks, nursing homes, emergency response organizations and animal shelters, and more is on the way.

[Text on screen: The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry]

Minister Bains: ISED is working closely with thousands of manufacturers to find a made-in-Canada way to fill the void. The Government is proud to work with Canadian companies such as Irving Oil, not only as a matchmaker and facilitator but also as one of the first customers, purchasing made-in-Canada hand sanitizer for people across the country.

Canada, we’re in this together and we’re stronger together!

[Text on screen:

[ISED signature]

[Canada wordmark]
[Music ends]

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