Type approval

A type approval is granted for a particular class, type or design of measuring device once it has been confirmed that the class, type or design complies with all applicable legal requirements.

Non-compliance with legal requirements

Applications for the type approval of devices received on or after will be subject to Measurement Canada's Non-compliance policy for the type approval process.

Obtaining a type approval

Submit the following:

  1. technical documentation describing the design, composition, construction and performance of the device,
  2. user manuals describing the installation and use of the device,
  3. test results showing the device complies with applicable requirements,
  4. a completed approval request form, and
  5. all shipping documentation as described in the Shipping Requirements.

Do not ship your device to Measurement Canada until requested to do so.

Obtaining a copy of a notice of approval

To obtain a copy of a notice of approval:

Types of approval documents

Notice of approval:
A legal confirmation that a measuring device meets applicable regulatory requirements and can be used for trade measurement in Canada.
Modification approval letter:
A non-metrological change made to an existing notice of approval.
Notice of approval revision:
A minor metrological change made to an existing notice of approval.
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