E-17—Renewal of certificates for electricity calibration consoles

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Category: Electricity
Bulletin: E-17 (rev. 3)
Date: 2013-01-14
Document(s): EL-ENG-12-01, S-E-01, E-33, GEN-09
Supersedes: E-17 (rev.2)

Table of contents

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide the policy for renewal of electricity calibration console certificates.

2.0 Scope

This document applies to certificates issued by the responsible delegated authority (i.e. Measurement Canada (MC) Regional Specialist or organizations delegated to certify electricity calibration consoles pursuant to C-D-01).

3.0 References

3.1 P-E-01–Procedures for Calibrating and Certifying Calibration Consoles Pursuant to the Requirements of EL-ENG-12-01 (S-E-01 while in effect).

3.2 S-E-01–Specifications for the Calibration, Certification and Use of Electricity Calibration Consoles

3.3 EL-ENG-12-01–Requirements for the Certification and Use of Measuring Apparatus – Electricity Meter Calibration Consoles

3.4 Electricity and Gas Inspection Act (Act).

3.5 Electricity and Gas Inspection Regulations (Regulations)

3.6 P-E-02–Procedure for Generating and Issuing a Certificate of Calibration for Consoles Compliant with the Requirements of EL-ENG-12-01 (S-E-01 while in effect)

4.0 Background

The table in section 8 of the Regulations sets out the certification periods for measuring apparatus. A certificate issued for an electricity calibration console is valid for a period of one year. This bulletin contains administrative procedures employed when issuing a certificate for the calibration and certification of an electricity meter calibration console, and provides a process for renewal of those certificates for up to a three year period.

In general, electricity calibration consoles are normally examined for compliance with all provisions of the relevant MC specification (S-E-01) or requirements (EL-ENG-12-01) document only once every three years. In other years, revised procedures as set out in this bulletin will be employed. Note: EL-ENG-12-01 contains new requirements for the certification of electricity calibration consoles that will eventually replace those contained in MC specification S-E-01. The implementation schedule including transition policies for the new certification requirements are established in MC Bulletin E-33.

All certificates and extensions to certificates for calibration consoles are issued under the authority of the individuals identified in MC Bulletin GEN-09, Delegation of Authorities, and those authorized under MC document C-D-01, Conditions for the Delegation of Authorities for the Calibration and Certification of Standards, Measuring Apparatus and Test Equipment Pursuant to the Act. C-D-01 provides the conditions that allow accredited organizations to certify or re-certify calibration consoles and to issue certificates. This bulletin provides direction for the renewal of the certificates by the delegated MC authorities and accredited organizations.

5.0 Policy

5.1 Initial calibration shall consist of the full range of tests specified in the relevant specification or requirements document. When calibration consoles meet all of the applicable requirements, a certificate will be issued and signed by the responsible delegated authority for a period of one year.

5.2 When the initial certification period has elapsed, the certificate may be renewed for a period of one year under the following conditions:

  1. Each test point on the certificate has been evaluated at least once in the previous year and found to be within the relevant tolerance.
  2. There are no known conditions which would prevent the console from meeting all requirements for full certification testing.
  3. The Regional Electricity specialist has not recommended that the console certificate not be renewed.

5.3 A further one year renewal of the certificate will be issued under the same condition as 5.2

5.4 A fee will not be charged by MC when issuing a certificate automatically.

5.5 Any recommendation by the Regional Specialist to not renew a console certificate shall be forwarded in writing to the responsible authority delegated to certify calibration consoles.

5.6 After expiry of the second extension, the process beginning at step 5.1 shall be initiated to begin the cycle again.

6.0 Certificate number

When an electricity calibration console is re-certified per clauses 5.2 and 5.3 above the certificate number will include a sequential suffix to indicate the renewal.

An example of this might be: "1", "2" or "A", "B"


7.0 Revision

The purpose of this revision is to update the policy to include the changes made to the electricity calibration console certification requirements (with the issuance of the new MC requirements document EL-ENG-12-01), amend statements regarding the delegations of authorities, and update the examples for the certificate number.

The purpose of revision 2 (2004-02-16) was to clarify policies for the application of S-E-01, remove any reference to LMB-EG-12 and include the certificate numbering format.

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