GEN-03—Adjustment of devices by inspectors

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Date: 1991-09-30
Bulletin: GEN-03-E
Category: General

1.0 This policy sets out the adjustments or alterations that an inspector may make to a device.

2.0 An inspector may make adjustments and alterations only when requested by and with the consent of the owner or person in possession of the device. Departmental employees other than inspectors are not authorized to make adjustments, and shall not undertake to make adjustments or alterations to devices at any time.

3.0 The Department may be liable for any damage to a device or other associated equipment as a result of an adjustment or alteration made by an inspector. Discretion must be used when faced with an adjustment that may result in any damage to equipment or loss of service.

4.0 As a general rule, only minor adjustments will be made by an inspector. The trader or his agent (service technician) may make any necessary adjustments or alterations, but in no instance will an adjustment or alteration be allowed if it is expected to delay the inspector more than fifteen minutes.

5.0 The following are not considered as adjustments since they are part of the day to day use of a device and generally do not require the use of anything other than operator controls:

5.1 gross/tare reset;

5.2 level, if minor and does not affect accuracy;

5.3 zero, where it is push-button or externally accessible (screw or balance ball); and

5.4 centering of weighbeam (beam only, not levers).

Also included in this category is the regular change or replacement of security seals.

6.0 The following adjustments and alterations are not part of the normal operating procedures for devices, but are considered as minor:

6.1 zero, where materials are added or removed from a portion of the scale (shot-pot); and

6.2 adjustment of counterpoise weights.

7.0 The following are examples of adjustments and alterations that shall not be made by an inspector. These are examples only. If there is any doubt as to whether an adjustment can be made or not, do not make it. These adjustments may, however, be made by a trader or his agent during an inspection if they will not delay the inspector more than fifteen minutes:

7.1 Environment, including, but not limited to:

7.2 Adjustment, including, but not limited to:

7.3 Mechanical, including, but not limited to:

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