GEN-14—Expansion for the United States/Canada mutual recognition of type evaluation program

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Date: 1996-12-20
Bulletin: GEN-14-E
Category: General

1.0 The Canada/United States Mutual Recognition of Type Evaluation Program, implemented on April 1, 1994, allows the staff of the Approval Services Laboratory of Measurement Canada and the United States National Type Evaluation Program laboratories to perform type approvals of weighing devices to the common and unique requirements of both countries. As a result, a single type evaluation and series of tests satisfies the evaluation requirements of both countries, eliminating the duplication of approval work. Each country continues to issue its own Notice of Approval (Canada) or Certificate of Conformance (United States), on the basis of the evaluation and test results.

2.0 As of September 1, 1996 the Program has been expanded to cover the following weighing device types:

3.0 Applications for the approval of the above mentioned device types within the scope of the United States/Canada Mutual Recognition of Type Evaluation Program may be directed to either the Manager of the Approval Services Laboratory of Measurement Canada or the Office of Weights and Measures, National Institute of Standards and Technology (United States).

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