GEN-24—Verification, reverification and sealing of electricity and gas metering installations

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Date: 1999-09-20
Bulletin: GEN-24-E
Category: General
Supersedes: CEG-91-02
Document(s): Bulletin GEN-23

Table of contents

1.0 Purpose

1.1 The purpose of this bulletin is to outline the Measurement Canada's requirements for the verification, reverification, and sealing of electricity and gas metering installations.

2.0 Background

2.1 Since the definition of "meter" in the act is sufficiently broad to include a "metering installation", such installations would be subject to the general requirement for verification prior to being placed into service. In most cases, adequate metrological control can be maintained without initial verification of the metering installation.

2.2 In some cases, however, verification prior to placing the metering installation into service may be necessary to ensure compliance with the Act. The conditional permission in bulletin GEN-23 addresses these situations and permits continuation of current practice.

3.0 Verification and reverification

3.1 The metering installation shall be verified and reverified in accordance with current work instruments at times arranged by Measurement Canada regional and district management and, contractors.

4.0 Contractor and owner assistance

4.1 Pursuant to sections 19 and 21 of the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act, all reasonable assistance, access, and software shall be provided by the meter contractor and owner to Measurement Canada inspectors or to an Accredited Meter Verifier for the purposes of conducting these inspections.

5.0 Sealing

5.1 The seal applied to a metering installation shall take the form of a tag or label which does not restrict access to the interconnections of the individual meters.

6.0 Other requirements

6.1 The metering installations remain subject to all other relevant requirements of the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act and Regulations including the provisions for disputes and limits of error.

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