GEN-37 — Policy on the loan of publicly owned standards and equipment

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Category: General
Bulletin: GEN-37 (rev. 3)
Issue Date:
Effective Date:
Supersedes: GEN-37 (rev. 2)

Table of contents

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this document is to state Measurement Canada's policy on the lending of its standards and equipment and the use of loan agreements. This policy became effective , and applied retroactively to standards and equipment on loan to industry at the time of issuance.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to all standards and equipment. It does not apply to fleet vehicles or real property.

3.0 Policy

The lending of Measurement Canada-owned standards and equipment is generally not permitted. Only under exceptional circumstances may certain standards be lent, provided that all of the following criteria are met:

The loan will be subject to applicable Treasury Board materiel management policies and the Public Property Loan Regulations governing the federal public service.

4.0 Responsibilities

Measurement Canada regional directors and Vice-President – Engineering and Laboratory Services shall ensure that the use of standards and equipment under their control conforms to the policy.

Measurement Canada managers are the main point of contact for organizations borrowing standards or equipment. They are responsible for:

5.0 Revisions

The purpose of revision 3 is to delegate the loan approval authority to regional directors and the Vice-President – Engineering and Laboratory Services.

The purpose of revision 2 was to provide a hyperlink to the web-based version of the loan agreement.

The purpose of revision 1 was to incorporate the appropriate titles of regional managers – Electricity and Gas.

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