V-04—Initial inspection of meters used to measure liquids

Date: 1995-01-01
Bulletin: V-04-E
Category: Volume
Document(s): W&M Regs. sections 28

1. The purpose of this bulletin is to outline the conditions under which liquid measuring machines must be initially inspected.

2. This bulletin does not apply to meters used to measure NH3 and to pre-assembled units, such as gasoline dispensers, which are inspected at the dealer's premises.

3. At the time of initial inspection, the inspector must verify both the ability of the meter to measure a particular product correctly and the ability of the measuring system to maintain its accuracy. This complete inspection must be performed to ensure that problems associated with installation and use of the device are corrected before and not following the trade use of the device.

4. In order to fully examine metering systems, they must be initially inspected after installation of the meter and associated accessories, under actual conditions of use.

5. The initial inspections of meters that will be installed in remote locations (inspection and associated travel would involve more than one day) and meters intended for the measurement of propane, may be performed on the "bench" at the dealer's premises provided that:

5.1 the tests are conducted on the product the meter is intended to measure and not with substitute liquids;

5.2 the accessories associated with the measuring system (i.e. compensator, air eliminator, back pressure valve) are installed with the meter; and

5.3 actual operating conditions (i.e. flow rate) are duplicated.

6. The manufacturer, importer or dealer is responsible for ensuring that the device is either inspected before it is used in trade or properly marked with a notice sent as required by subsection 28(2) of the Weights and Measures Regulations; in the latter case, the owner is then responsible for the initial inspection.

7. When a District Manager receives notification as required by section28 of the Regulations, that a device has been shipped, he/she shall forward a copy to the District Manager where the device will be inspected.

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