V-06—Industry-owned volume test equipment

Category: Volume
Bulletin: V-06 (rev. 2)
Document(s): W & M Act, section 13(1)
Issue date:
Effective date:
Supersedes: V-06 (rev. 1)

Table of contents

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide policy regarding certification of new volumetric test equipment submitted by industry for calibration as local standards.

2.0 Scope

This bulletin applies to pipe provers, small volume pipe provers, gravimetric provers, master meters and similar equipment. It also applies to test equipment evolving from new and developing volumetric measurement technologies. This bulletin does not apply to narrow neck open provers for which design requirements currently exist.

3.0 Authority

Section 13 (1) of the Weights and Measures Actprovides the authority to Measurement Canada for the designation of standards.

4.0 Background

Private industry often requests that Measurement Canada calibrate and certify test equipment for use as local standards. The design and method of installation and use of some of this equipment is relatively complex often with no guidelines or specifications to assist an inspector in assessing this test equipment. Measurement Canada must ensure that standards used by the inspectors in the course of their duties are reliable, precise and suitable for their intended purpose.

5.0 Policy

Any new design or concept of equipment submitted by industry for calibration as a local standard and intended to be used by inspectors to certify measuring machines must first be examined and authorized by Measurement Canada's senior engineer for liquid measurement.

5.1 Persons wishing to have a new design or concept of local standard evaluated may contact Measurement Canada's Type Approval and Calibration Services.

5.2 Only after Measurement Canada has recognized that the equipment is suitable for the intended use, will the equipment be certified by an inspector. If needed, calibration procedures and instructions for use of the standard will be provided.

6.0 Revision

The original bulletin was issued on .

6.1 The purpose of revision 1 was to revise the bulletin format and sequence; implement minor editorial corrections intended to further clarify the bulletin’s intent and includes updates to Measurement Canada and its directorates.

6.2 The purpose of revision 2 was to simplify requirements regarding certification of new volumetric test equipment submitted by industry for calibration as local standards.

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