Information Bulletin — Livestock Auction Scales


Some livestock auction scales may be in use with secondary indicators (scoreboards) where the weight display is locked during the sale and may not be in agreement with the primary scale indicator at all times. The secondary indicator or scoreboard is the weight indication available to the bidders when the primary indication is not available.

In some installations, there may be no indication to the bidder that the scale has returned to zero load after one lot is removed from the scale and before the next lot is moved onto the scale.

These installations may not fully comply with the Measurement Canada requirements.

Measurement Canada Requirements

Specifications Relating to Non-Automatic Weight Devices (1998)

The three major concerns to be addressed are summarized below:

  1. Secondary Indicator – Scale indications must be visible to both parties to the transaction. Scales used to buy or sell (livestock) where the primary indicator cannot be seen by the customer are required to have a secondary indicator.
  2. Agreement of Indications – The weight indication of a secondary indicator is required to agree exactly with the weight indication of the primary (digital) weight indicator at all times.
  3. Return to Zero – In order to ensure accurate measurement, the scale must return to a zero weight indication before the start of a subsequent weighing transaction.


While Measurement Canada understands the need for this feature (locked weight on the scoreboard) in the livestock auction industry, we must also ensure that scale installations are in compliance with the requirements. Accordingly, livestock auction operations which use scales are being advised of the following:

More Information

If you are not sure if your installation is in compliance, or if you simply need more information, you are encouraged to contact Measurement Canada directly. For other issues regarding your particular installation, your local scale company may be best able to assist you.

For more information, please contact your regional gravimetric specialist.

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