Load Cells for all CLASS Approved Devices


All CLASS approved scales must be equipped with Approved and Compatible Load Cells if initially inspected after December 31st, 2011. This requirement is phase II of a multi-step strategy to improve the compliance rate of heavy capacity devices. Although compliance rates vary by industry and trade sector, the overall compliance of heavy capacity weighing devices is relatively low when compared to other device types.

The decision to require the use of approved load cells was made after extensive consultation with industry and device owners. It is also a direct result of the Heavy Approvals Working Group (HAWG) which was formed to review the approval process for heavy capacity weighing devices and identify improvements that could be made to the current program. The working group made several recommendations for improving compliance of heavy capacity devices. Key amongst the recommendations was the mandatory use of approved load cells in heavy capacity weighing devices.

The requirement to use approved and compatible load cells in all CLASS approved devices is mandatory for scales initially inspected after December 31st, 2011.

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