Compliance and enforcement for weighing and measuring devices

Changes to the Weights and Measures Act and Regulations came into effect on August 1, 2014. The changes require that owners have their scales, gas pumps and other measuring devices inspected by a Measurement Canada authorized service provider (ASP) within a prescribed mandatory inspection frequency in eight sectors: dairy, downstream petroleum, fishing, forestry, grain and field crops, mining, retail food, and retail petroleum.

Measurement Canada continues to enforce the new requirements and actively monitors the marketplace. Notices are issued to device owners who have not had their devices inspected in accordance with the mandatory inspection requirements. Device owners receiving overdue device inspection notices must have their devices inspected within 14 days by an ASP or be subject to further enforcement actions by Measurement Canada, including significant fines. Businesses that do not comply may be subject to monetary penalties of up to $2,000 and court-imposed fines of up to $10,000 for minor offences, up to $25,000 for major offences and up to $50,000 for repeat offenders.

Mandatory inspection frequencies vary from sector to sector and by type of device, from every year to every five years. Consult the Mandatory Inspection Frequencies by Sector and Device Type reference tables to learn more about the mandatory inspection periods for your devices.

Mandatory inspections are being phased-in based on several factors such as the type of device, which sector it is used in and its geographical location. Measurement Canada's online tools can help you find out when your device is due for its first mandatory inspection and find an authorized service provider qualified to perform this service.

To date, Measurement Canada has recognized over 150 organizations as ASPs. These organizations employ over 550 recognized technicians located across the country, including remote communities. They inspect a variety of measuring devices in the eight affected sectors and other sectors of the marketplace.

Measurement Canada has a rigorous process in place to qualify ASPs. The process involves successful completion of training related to device inspections, and requires the use of Agency-approved inspection procedures and Agency-certified standards (test equipment) to perform inspections. Measurement Canada also monitors the work performed by ASPs through follow-inspections, annual audits and other methods.

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