G-24—Temporary permission for putting gas analysis devices into service without sealing

Category: Gas
Issue date: 2018-05-15
Effective date: 2018-05-15
Revision number:

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this bulletin is to communicate the granting of temporary permission to put gas analysis devices into service without sealing and to establish policy requirements applicable to such devices.

2.0 Scope

This bulletin applies to gas analysis devices that are verified or reverified prior to being put into service for use in trade or custody transfer applications. These devices include gas chromatographs, calorific value determining devices (e.g. calorimeters), densitometers and relative density determining devices.

This bulletin does not apply to gas analysis devices where conditional permission has been granted in accordance with bulletin G-14 to put them into service without verification and sealing.

3.0 References

4.0 Authority

In accordance with this bulletin, a temporary permission is granted under the authority of subsection 9(2) of the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act.

5.0 Definitions

Verification triggering event
(événement déclencheur de vérification)
Any event deemed by Measurement Canada to require a verification of a device before it is permitted to be used or continue to be used in trade.

6.0 Policy

6.1 Temporary permission

Temporary permission is hereby granted for putting verified or reverified devices within the scope of this bulletin into service without sealing.

6.2 Application of verification marks

A verified or reverified device for which temporary permission was granted in accordance with this bulletin is to have a verification mark applied to it in a visible location.

6.3 Record of maintenance work

The owner of a device who is granted temporary permission in accordance with this bulletin is required to maintain a record of the date and nature of any maintenance work performed on the device since its last verification or reverification. Upon request, the owner is required to make such records available to Measurement Canada.

6.4 Modifications considered to be verification triggering events

The following modifications to a device for which temporary permission was granted in accordance with this bulletin are considered to be verification triggering events:

  1. Carrying out any repair, replacement or modification of a device's hardware components that may have an impact on its functioning and/or performance accuracy, with the exception of any permissible component exchanges as communicated in a device's notice of approval.
  2. Updating, downgrading and/or reloading a device's legally relevant software.
  3. Selecting and using, for trade or custody transfer purposes, unverified methods of calculation and/or units of measure (as applicable) for gas properties (e.g. calorific value, relative density).

7.0 Expiry of temporary permission

No date is set for the expiry of the temporary permission provided for by this bulletin. This temporary permission will remain in effect until the Agency has completed a policy review of the application of type approval requirements for sealing provisions to all gas analysis devices and finalized its policy in this regard.

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