Bulletin T-1—Approval of thermal energy meters

Category: Thermal energy
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Supersedes: Bulletin V-30

1.0 Purpose

This bulletin describes how Measurement Canada (MC) approves thermal energy meters for use in trade in Canada.

2.0 Scope

This bulletin applies to manufacturers, importers, sellers, utilities, etc., who want to have a thermal energy meter approved for use in trade in Canada.

3.0 References

4.0 Limitation

This bulletin does not delegate to the test facilities listed in this bulletin any legal authority to approve or examine meters pursuant to the Weights and Measures Act.

5.0 Applying for approval

This section describes how to apply to have a thermal energy meter approved for use in trade in Canada.

5.1 Application instructions

You must fill out an application form to get your meter approved. In the form, select the "Volumetric Liquid Measuring Devices" radio button and provide all of the required information. Do not select the "New Notice of Approval" or the "Revision to an Existing Approval and Modification Acceptance Letter" radio button.

In addition to the completed form, provide the following information about the meter for which you are seeking approval:

Send the completed application form and the additional required information to MC. The contact information can be found on the application form. MC will acknowledge receipt of your application.

Once an application has been received, it will be reviewed and a determination made as to whether it will be accepted. Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis. Should an application be accepted, applicants must be prepared to provide, in accordance with section 16 of the Weights and Measures Regulations, one or more meters as well as any information, equipment, material and services required to evaluate the meter(s).

Do not send any meters until MC sends a sample request.

5.2 Fees and charges

Fees and charges related to testing are listed in the fees report.

If appropriate test facilities and equipment are needed during the approval process, applicants must provide them at their expense. Applicants must also pay any charges for shipping meters or equipment to and from MC's laboratory or third-party test facilities.

Further information on MC's shipping policies can be found on the Shipping requirements page.

5.3 Options for having a meter approved

MC has limited test facilities for evaluating thermal energy meters. If MC cannot perform the tests at its own test facilities, there are three additional options to have a meter approved by MC:

These options are described in more detail in the following sections. MC accepts test results that come from multiple test facilities provided the test facilities are listed in this bulletin.

5.3.1 Meter already approved outside of Canada by a recognized test facility

This option is applicable if the meter submitted for approval was approved/certified outside of Canada (e.g. Europe) as meeting an equivalent technical standard (see section 6.0). Proof of this approval/certification typically takes the form of a valid certificate declaring conformity with the standard. The testing must have been performed by a recognized test facility. A meter that meets these requirements may be approved by MC without further testing, or additional testing may be required.

Complete test results from a test facility listed in section 8.0 must be provided. MC does not approve devices based only on the fact that they were approved/certified outside of Canada. The applicant must give the test facility that performed the tests permission to contact MC about these test results. MC does not accept test results from the manufacturer's test facility unless MC witnessed the tests.

5.3.2 Testing performed by a recognized test facility

This option is available for all meters, but is generally only relevant if the meter submitted for approval has not been certified outside of Canada. Once the application has been submitted to MC, the approval applicant selects a recognized test facility (see section 8.0) that will perform the tests required by MC. MC selects the sample(s) to be tested and creates a test plan for the recognized test facility. The applicant must then send the selected device(s) directly to that test facility for evaluation. The test facility then sends the complete test results to MC for the issuance of a notice of approval.

The applicant must cover the cost of these tests. These test results may not be acceptable to other countries for their certification processes. If an applicant wishes to obtain certification in another country after approval by MC, MC recommends pursuing the option described in section 5.3.1. Manufacturers, even if they are listed as recognized test facilities, may not test their own devices for the purpose of approval without an independent witness present (the witness must be approved by MC and is usually an MC employee).

5.3.3 Testing performed or witnessed by MC at a test facility selected by the applicant

The applicant can arrange for access to a test facility and equipment so that MC can complete or witness the necessary testing. The applicant must cover the cost of the facility and equipment. The test facility selected must have all of the required test equipment in order for MC to perform all the tests referred to in section 7.0. It is recommended that the applicant consult MC before selecting a test facility to confirm its suitability. A manufacturer's own facilities may be used.

MC may appoint an independent third party as a witness, but such appointments are made solely at the discretion of MC.

6.0 Equivalent standards

The following standards are considered equivalent to MC's Terms and Conditions for the Approval of Thermal Energy Meters:

Where MC's Terms and Conditions for the Approval of Thermal Energy Meters differ from the above standards, additional testing may be required to complete the evaluation of the meter. The main differences are in MC's approach to marking and sealing the meters.

7.0 Test procedures

The Terms and Conditions for the Approval of Thermal Energy Meters do not contain test procedures. Where possible, MC follows the test procedures outlined in CEN-EN 1434 (sections 6.4 to 6.7) and OIML R 75. However, these procedures may need to be adapted to the equipment and facilities available to MC and to its device testing policy. MC has sole discretion in determining which test procedures to use to evaluate a meter's conformity.

Recognized test facilities follow similar procedures. If the applicant arranges for MC to perform the tests at a test facility, the facility selected must have the necessary equipment to perform these tests.

8.0 Recognized test facilities

MC does not accept test results from a manufacturer's own test facility unless MC personnel or an approved substitute is present during the testing (even if the manufacturer is on the list of recognized test facilities). Approval tests not witnessed by MC must be performed by a test facility independent of the manufacturer. MC asks for information about where and by whom the tests were performed when it requests the test results. Acceptance of the test results is at MC's sole discretion.

8.1 Adding a test facility to the list of recognized test facilities

Approval applicants can request that MC add test facilities to the list of recognized test facilities. Test facilities can also request to be added to the list.

8.2 Criteria for adding a test facility to the list of recognized test facilities

When considering a test facility for addition to this list, MC looks at the following criteria:

8.3 List of recognized test facilities

The following test facilities have been found by MC to be capable of providing the test results required by MC to approve a thermal energy meter for use in trade in Canada.

MC does not endorse all of the abilities of any particular test facility. The test facilities listed in this bulletin are those that have been found by MC to be capable of providing all of the required test results.

There is no guarantee that MC will accept all test results from the listed test facilities. MC will only accept results that meet the requirements described above.

MC reserves the right to add and remove listed test facilities at its sole discretion.

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