Debit Card Fraud–Introduction

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Canadians use debit cards millions of times a day at banking machines and cash registers to see their account information and make purchases. While most of these transactions are problem free, there have been a growing number of cases of debit card fraud in recent years. Taking steps to protect your debit card and personal identification number (PIN) will help lower your risk of being a victim of fraud.

Financial institutions may cover losses in cases of fraud occurring in Canada (does not include signature based debit cards or on-line or telephone banking transactions). It is important to understand that you may be held liable for losses if you are negligent with your PIN and card. In some cases, your losses may be more than the balance in your account if the thief keys in an amount to increase your balance and inserts an empty deposit envelope.

There are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself against debit card fraud. The following provides you with tips on protecting yourself, along with information about how debit card fraud can occur, what to do if you are the victim of fraud, situations in which you may be held liable, and your potential liability.

It is important to remember that the responsibilities and liabilities for debit cards are different than for credit cards.