More for Consumers

Canadian Consumer Handbook
A handbook containing tips, advice and contacts to help Canadian consumers.

Consumer Groups
A list of Canadian consumer groups included in the Canadian Consumer Handbook.

Spending Smarter Calculators
A series of calculators with tips and information on how to avoid common spending pitfalls and maximize your money.

Money, Credit and Debt
Information on budgeting, money management, debt, collection agencies, credit reports and loans.

Manage a Cellphone
Information on purchasing and using a cellphone and a cellphone plan.

Protect Yourself From Scams and Fraud
Information on telephone and debit card fraud. Includes quizzes on e-mail spam and on various types of consumer fraud.

Consumer Information for Seniors
A series of information documents about consumer issues for seniors.

Consumer Information for the Young
A series of information documents about consumer issues for the young adults.

Learn About the Retail Market
Information on retail issues, such as rebates, recalls, gasoline, automobiles, and health and safety concerns. Includes articles on Apparel and Textile Care Symboles, radio-frequency identification tags, and consumer tips.

Protect Your Privacy
Information on protecting the privacy of your personal banking and credit information, and preventing identity theft. Includes a quiz on e-mail spam.

Use a Consumer Service
Information on the consumer service industry. Includes a consumer checklist for choosing a moving company.

Be a "Green" Consumer
Information on responsible purchasing of eco-friendly products for a clean environment. Includes a guide to green product labels.